AsULearn Troubleshooting

These pages are focused on addressing some of the common, general issues you might encounter when using AsULearn and the steps to fix them.


I need help with "Orphaned activities"

"Orphaned activities" occur when you don't have enough sections or topics for all your activities. By default all current courses are built with ten sections. The "orphaned activities" happen when you have more content than the default ten sections can accommodate.

If you know how many sections you'll need, then the easiest way to fix this is to go into the course, and then into "edit settings" (in the admin block).


Scroll down to course appearance and find "Number of sections". Change the "10" to reflect the number of additional sections you'll need and then "Save changes".


You can also add, or delete, one section at a time by turning "editing" on, scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the "+" or the "-" to add or delete sections.

I don't see the course(s) I am teaching in AsULearn.

There can be several reasons for not seeing an AsULearn course for a class you are teaching. On this support page I'll address the two most common reasons for not seeing your course in AsUlearn.

The course is hidden on your AsULearn Course overview page.

Sometimes a course will not enter your course page at the top of the page. You may find that there are courses that are hidden from your view from the Course overview page

You can also check for a course in the "Navigation" block to see all your courses arranged by context and semester.

You are not yet the "Teacher" in banner.

AsULearn courses are created and popluated by banner events from the Registrar's office. The AsULearn courses are created before the semester, but until the Registrar knows you are the teacher, you will not be added to the site.

If you don't see a course for a class you're teaching you'd first want to follow-up with the administrative assistant or chair of your department. When the Registrar enters you as the teacher of the course, you will see it in AsULearn.