Metacourse: Combine courses

What is a metacourse?

Would you like to combine enrollments for different courses or sections into a single course in AsULearn, so you don't have to post information and resources multiple times? You can very easily achieve this by adding a Course meta link to add enrollments from another course/section, and combine users from as many courses/sections as you wish into a single AsULearn course. Note: You must have the Teacher role in any course(s) to which you want to add a meta link.


I teach two sections of HIS 1102, and I'd like to combine them in a single AsULearn course...

I teach a MUS 4411 for undergraduates, and a 5411 for graduate students, and I'd like to combine them in a single AsULearn course...

In AsULearn, you can turn any course into a metacourse by simply adding a Course meta link enrollment method to add students from another course/section. Your metacourse is simply one of your existing course sections created by Banner. For example, you can go to HIS 1102-101, and add a Course meta link for HIS 1102-102 to add the students from section 102 into section 101's course in AsULearn. You place all your content in section 101, and all your students use that course.

If you have a more complex situation (involving multiple instructors or very high numbers of sections), or any other questions, please contact your college consultant to find the best solution for your specific need.

Add a Course meta link

Stop! If you don't make use of groups in your course (for things like sorting your gradebook by section, separating attendance sessions for each section, etc) you can proceed. If you do make use of groups based on section, you should go to the course where you will host your content, and create a group and place all the students in that course before you add the meta link(s)!

In AsULearn, you can bring in enrollments from other courses/sections in which you have the Teacher role by adding a Course meta link enrollment method. If you need to create meta links to courses where you do not have the Teacher role, the actual instructor can add you to her/his course as a Teacher in AsULearn (see adding people to a course).

Here's how to add a Course meta link and assign the imported users to a new or existing group (if desired).

Navigate to the course in AsULearn that you want to use as your metacourse (where you've placed all your content). You must have the Teacher role in the course, as well as in any other courses you want to meta link to.

Click the 3-line hamburger icon the top left to open the drawer, and click Participants.

3-line hamburger button at top left, then Participants

At the right of the Participants window, open the gear icon, and click on Enrollment methods in the menu.

 Gear icon then Enrollment methods

On the Enrollment methods page, select Course meta link from the Add method... options.

Enrollment method select course meta link

From the menu containing all the courses in which you have the Teacher role, select the course whose enrollments you wish to add, being sure to check for the correct term. You can also use the Search field to search for courses in the list by number, section, or name. 

Select course for meta link

Though they have to be selected one at a time, you can add as many course meta links as you wish from this screen. They appear as blue buttons at the top as they are added. If you make a mistake, just click the X on the course's button to remove the course from the meta link list.

Choose multiple courses to link

Use the Add to group option to create groups and add meta linked students to groups right from the Course meta link page. If you forgot to make your groups, just create them here (and you can rename them later if you want), or simply assign them to the desired existing group. If you want individual groups for each linked course, you'll have to add them one at a time. In the example above, all the students in the 3 meta linked courses would be placed in the same group.

Add to Group option

Groups are especially useful if you use the Attendance activity and set up sessions for each section, if you want to filter your Gradebook by section, or if you want different Quiz/Assignment submission dates. In that scenario, you''ll add your meta links one at a time so you can control the groups.

When you are complete, click the Add method button.

Add Method - Course Meta Link Option

You'll be returned to the Enrollment methods page, where you will see the enrollments you added to create your metacourse. Success! You can delete mistakes from this page also. If you notice you selected the wrong course, just click the X in the Edit column to delete the meta link. You can also see how many users came in on the meta link(s) -- one less than the total, since you are counted as the instructor as well. If you wish to add another meta link or links, use the Add method menu and repeat the steps above.

List of Enrollment methods

You'll want to be sure that only your metacourse is visible to students, and all the child courses you added via the meta link are not visible. That way, your students see only your metacourse since the other section are not visible. No confusion! Remember that ALL courses in AsULearn are made visible on the first day of class -- so you'll want to hide the sections you aren't using on that first day.

It is also a recommended practice to place a welcome message in the summary at the top of your course (Turn editing on, then Edit the first topic), letting students know they're in the right place. Something like "Welcome to MUS 1001 -- sections 101, 102, and 103!" This will reduce the emails from students saying, "I'm registered for section 103. Why do I see section 101?"

If you have any questions or problems, please contact your college consultant.

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