Adding a Course Meta Link

In AsULearn, you can bring in enrollments from other courses/sections in which you have 'Teacher' role by adding a "Course meta link" enrollment method. If you need to create meta links to courses where you are not the instuctor of record, the actual instructor can add you to her/his course as a Teacher in AsULearn (see Adding People to a Course).

NOTE: If you are going to create a group for each section involved in your metacourse, you should stop here and create your groups first.  Before adding any meta links, you should add all the students in the section you're using to host the content into that section's group.  EXAMPLE:  Your content is in section 101, and you plan to add a meta link to bring in the enrollments from section 102.  BEFORE adding the metalink, you should create the 101 and 102 groups, then add ALL the students currently in the course to the 101 group.  That way when you 'mix in' the 102 students, your 101 students are already in the 101 group and you won't have sort through to pull them out of the mixed population.  There is then a 'Group by meta' option to quickly add all the metalinked students to their respective groups.

Here's how to add a course meta link:

  1. Navigate to the course in AsULearn that you wish to use as your "metacourse" (where you've placed all your content).  You must have "Teacher" role in the course, as well as in any other courses you wish to "meta link" to.
  2. In the Course Administration menu, click on the Users link. 
  3. In the Users menu, click on the Enrollment Methods link.

     Administration block

  4. On the resulting Enrollment Methods page, use the Add method... pulldown menu to select Course meta link.

    Add method

  5. From the pulldown menu containing all the courses in which you have the Teacher role, select the course whose enrollments you wish to add, and click the Add method button.
    course selection and add method 
    • ...note that you may repeat steps 4 and 5 above to add as many other course/section's enrollments as you wish. Once a course's enrollments are added with a Course meta link, you'll notice that the course very helpfully disappears from the Link course... pulldown menu shown above.
  6. After the Course meta link is added, you'll be returned to the Enrollment methods page, where you will see the enrollments you added to create your "metacourse." Success!
    course meta link listed in enrollment methods 
  7. You'll want to be sure that only your "metacourse" is available for students, and all the "child courses" you added via the Course meta link are NOT available. That way, your students see only your "metacourse" since the other section(s) are not visible. No confusion!
  8. It is also a recommended practice to place a "Welcome message" in the summary at the top of your course (or create a label), letting students know that they're in the right place. Something like: "Welcome to MUS1001--Sections 101, 102, & 103!" That will stop the emails from students saying, "I'm registered for section 103.  Why do I see section 101!?!"
  9. If you have any questions or problems, please send an email to
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